17 September 2014


To make a blog, it might be useful to look at some other blogs before you start writing. I looked at www.teskuh.nl, she writes in Dutch, but I only watched the lay-out, so I critically looked and tried to learn something.


What is the blog about?

The blog is about personal interests, lifestyle, fashion and food. She posts twice a day, so fourteen a week and two of them are video's. This is the original schedule, but it happens that it differs a bit.

So now it will write down what I think of this site.

Five strong points:

* the search box, so you can easily find what you are looking for

* the personal touch, you get the feeling that you know her

* structure is clear, I was able to see really quick how it worked

* refers to social media, always a good idea

* headings are in a different font than the 'normal' text, which is good for the structure


Five points I want to do different:

* text block above the post is divided in three, but underneath the blog it is one block

* screen is used from top to bottom, maybe there should be a little more space

* line on top of the page, above all posts, differs from the line at the bottom

* color of the logo never appears again

* text blocks above the post doesn't pop-out, because of the little color difference between the background and the blocks