09 October 2014


I have voted for the next people:
Max van IJsselmuiden, Emma Boersma, Marit de Jong, Felicia Rindt, Richard Kok.

I voted for Max, because his page is interactive, because you can ‘reconsider’ his page by changing the place of the blocks. You can easily navigate between the different pictures. And I like that the background picture is out of focus, so you really see the block with the pictures.

I like Emma’s page, because you can play games, so also the interactive part that speaks to me. It is a colorful page which makes me happy. And also very important, the games aren’t that hard!

At Marit’s page I like the personal touch and the good story behind the photos on her page.

Felicia already had me with the piano! I have never seen something like this before and I tried to play some songs for quite some time..

And last, but not least I voted for Richard, because I like the lay-out of his website. He even got it managed to add his blog to his page!

I wanted to make a remark, because I really liked this assignment! It is a great way to show what you are able to do, but also to see what other people are able to do! Especially when I read that Felicia, hadn’t any experience with building webpages, but still made a beautiful page. That reminded me of the fact that it hasn’t to be difficult to be good.